Rote Murmel G608

Rote Murmel
Very sweet, red, tiny fruits. Almost as vigorous as the Golden Currant. It needs a continuous temperature of around 24 degrees for propagation. Recommended for seedling plant production. Good for amateur gardeners.

Wild tomatoes: Wild tomatoes are less demanding that cultivated strains. Their nutrient demand is low. Too much compost and watering leads to strong leaf development and a reduction in fruit quality. They are much more resistant to leaf rot (blight) than the usual kinds of tomato and therefore grow well outside. They grow as bushes, the side shoots should be selectively pinched out and the plants tied up a bit. If the side shoots of a few plants are trained up a pole, their fruit will ripen earlier. Due to their vigorous bushy growth, the plants can be grown in many different ways. The plants can be allowed to grow freely to at least 1 meter in height.


Ripening: early
Colour: red
Shape of fruit: round
Type: wild tomato


Sowing time: sowing in seed bed from January till beginning of April for planting out in greenhouse from March till mid May; sowing in seed bed from March till beginning of April for planting out outdoors beginning till end of May
Planting distance: in double rows 75x40 cm to 75x60 cm under glass; 100x50 cm between plants outside
Optimal germinating temperature: 20-24 °C
Optimal amount of plants: 2-3 plants/m²

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Multiplier: Dr. Bernd Horneburg
Certification: Demeter
  • Precision seedi
    The seed has a higher germination capacity than normal seed. The minimum germination rate for precision seed is set according to variety.
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22 grain - sufficient for 15 plants
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Thousand Grain Weigh (ø): 0,89 g

Precision seed: At least 90 % germination

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