Quality Management

We have introduced a quality management system (QM-System) in order to

  • reach our quality goals in a reliable way.
  • demonstrate our quality commitment to our customers.

This QM-System helps to ensure that our handling and marketing of seed and plant material meets all the legal, qualitative and safety requirements while providing an incentive to continually improve and develop our procedures. 

The QM-System covers the commercial processing and marketing of seed and plant material by Bingenheimer Saatgut AG. By agreement with our breeders and producers it also regulates some of the important procedures affecting seed quality for which they are responsible. And, it provides the framework within which the demands for seed and plant material traceability can be met. 

Our QM measures are set up on the basis of the seed being handled in separate batches. They are set up so as to safeguard our processes, but also to help us address the needs and expectations of customers.

A systematic complaints procedure is integrated within it. This is important not only to ensure customer satisfaction but also because through it we can find pointers for continually improving our procedures and organisation.

We carry out regular internal audits to help us make improvements and to test the effectiveness of our QM measures. 

Our QM system is carried by all the co-workers of BSAG and directed by our dedicated quality controller.