Golden Bantam - Special Bantam-bag Z455

Golden Bantam - Special Bantam-bag
Golden Bantam is an old variety (around since 1902). It is a medium sweet variety of sweet corn. The cobs are of very good quality if harvested when milk ripe. The conversion of sugar to starch proceeds more rapidly after being picked than with the extra sweet varieties. It is therefore essential that cobs are consumed fresh and within a day of picking. Pleasant flavour, less sweet than the hybrids. Good for amateur gardeners.


Sowing time: from early May till mid June
Sowing depth: 3-5 cm
Amount of seed needed: ca. 1000 seeds/a; ca. 5-7 seeds per running meter
Cultivation note: because of the danger of crossing they should be planted at least 500 m away from fodder maize crops and other sweet corn varieties
Planting distance: ca. 60 cm between single rows; 80-100 cm between double rows; between plants 20-25 cm

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Multiplier: Azienda agricola Sol Ribaldo
Luigi und Antonella Pavan
Wim Brus
Breeder: biodynamic maintenance
Certification: Demeter
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    The seed is cleaned and tested to meet all legal requirements as well as our own high quality standards.
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