Field beans 'Bioro' D203

Field beans 'Bioro'
Healthy, winter hardy field bean with good fast growth. Because it can be sown early, it is excellent as a preceeding crop especially to heavy feeders. Large mass produced during its early development, heavy crop of beans low in bitter compounds. Small seeded variety with low TCW: 450 g. Also thrives on poor soils.


Annual or perennial: annual
Specific qualities: Thickly rooting, large amount of green matter.
Bee pasture: neutral
Latin name: Vicia faba


Sowing times: from February - August
Amount of seed needed: 2 kg/a
Over wintering: no
Sowing depth: 4-10 cm

Sowing outside Logo Aussaat Freiland


Multiplier: Gesellschaft für goetheanistische Forschung eV
Certification: Bioland
  • Normal seedi
    The seed is cleaned and tested to meet all legal requirements as well as our own high quality standards.
in gramsexcl. VATincl. VAT
280,00 g -sufficient for 15 m²
Sold out 2,85 EUR
1000 g = 10,18 EUR
3,05 EUR
1000 g = 10,89 EUR
1 kg
Sold out 5,00 EUR
1000 g = 5,00 EUR
5,35 EUR
1000 g = 5,35 EUR
5 kg
Sold out 18,80 EUR
1000 g = 3,76 EUR
20,12 EUR
1000 g = 4,02 EUR
10 kg
Sold out 28,90 EUR
1000 g = 2,89 EUR
30,92 EUR
1000 g = 3,09 EUR

Thousand Grain Weigh (ø): 421,87 g

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