Blauhilde beans - Special Bantam-bag Z139A

Blauhilde beans - Special Bantam-bag
A blue podded pole bean of the (Neckarkönigin) wax pod type. It has long, oval shaped, thick fleshy pods which turn green when cooked. Very productive and healthy. Suitable for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. A commercial variety of exceptional flavour.


Ripening: medium early
Growing situation: open ground, under glass
Time to maturity: 91 days
Pod cross section: round oval
Pod colour: blue
Pod length: 25-27 cm
Seed colour: brown
Type of bean: blue podded


Sowing depth: 2-3 cm
Amount of seed needed: ca. 1,000 seeds/a
Planting distance: double rows 50 cm apart are best with 120-150 cm paths; 30-40 cm apart in the row
Optimal amount of plants: 6-8 plants/m²

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Multiplier: Bienert & Haensel GbR
Dr. Hartmut Spieß
Gärtnerei Witt
Gärtnerei der Dorfgemeinschaft Lautenbach
Gärtnerei der Lebensgemeinschaft Bingenheim
Gärtnerei der Lebensgemeinschaft Höhenberg
Gärtnerei der Lebensgemeinschaft Sassen
Heiko Pohl
Manfred Kahle
Rene Groenen
Sativa Rheinau
Wim Brus
Breeder: biodynamic maintenance
Certification: Bioland, Demeter, EU Bio, Naturland
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12,30 g -sufficient for approx. 20 plants
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20 portions
246,00 g -sufficient for approx. 400 plants
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Thousand Grain Weigh (ø): 376,85 g

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